Living in the private sector

Students applying for accommodation at Silwood Park are not guaranteed a space in halls. Please also be aware that the contract length for accommodation at Silwood Park is 51 weeks, and students spending significant proportions of time on field trips abroad may want to consider alternative options.

There are private sector accommodation options in the immediate Sunningdale area which is a 25 minute walk or a 10 minute bike ride from Silwood Park campus. While options in this area may be limited, there are many other areas within commutable distance as detailed in the table below. If you are thinking of moving to a new area, it is advisable to visit beforehand to get an idea of local amenities, and trial the commute to the Silwood Park campus. Local letting agencies and private landlords advertise in these areas, and you can also find properties on websites such as Spareroom or Gumtree.

Please ensure you do not pay any money towards a property or sign a contract prior to viewing a property. The Student Hub is able to answer specific questions about private renting and contracts, so please contact us at if you need any advice or support. We have a full comprehensive Private Housing Guide available online too.


Travel information including approximate travel times*


38 minutes on Southwest train and 01 bus


32 minutes on Southwest train and 01 bus


14 minute walk/6 minutes on 01 bus/5 minutes by bike


43 minutes on GWR train and 01 bus

Virginia Water

33 minutes on Southwest train and walk/21 minutes by bike

*Google Maps on 25th July 17.

 If you are interested in living in private accommodation near the Silwood Park Campus, visit our Letting agents webpage or Private Halls webpage for more information.

If you haven’t already applied for accommodation at Silwood then you might be interested in joining our Facebook group for Postgraduates at Silwood Park seeking a flatmate. This is a closed group where you can safely connect with other postgraduate students who are in the same position as you. To be added to the group please send your email address, which is registered to your Facebook account, to


Short Term Accommodation

If you require short term accommodation you may want to search local areas for private accommodation or use generic accommodation search websites such as Spareroom or Airbnb. Please ensure that you only agree to renting a property for the desired length of time, or check a break clause / early termination clause with the Student Hub.

For general private accommodation information visit our Private accommodation webpages.

Please be aware that the above services have not been visited or vetted in any way by the Student Hub and you therefore should use them at your own risk.