Sustainable Halls Competition

Reduce your impact on the climate crisis by taking personal action in halls this year through the Imperial College London Sustainable Halls campaign.

Through the campaign, residents of Imperial halls will compete to be the most sustainable! The hall which engages the most with the campaign (e.g. residents pledging to the campaign, taking part in the climate quizzes, training as volunteers) will win… a £250 prize for their chosen charity!

Learn, act and lead in halls to win prizes this year:

  1. Learn about the climate crisis and sustainability;
  2. Act by following our sustainability tips;
  3. Lead by volunteering on the campaign and boost your employability skills.

Taking action on the climate crisis in halls has a huge impact. Last year the campaign reached 82,600 students who saved 860,00kWh of electricity, which is the equivalent of powering a lightbulb for over 6,500 years!

Get involved now!