At a glance

  • 86 bed spaces
  • standard single, double room, one bedroom flat and studio
  • £109 - £250 per week
  • located in Silwood Park Campus in Ascot, Berkshire

Silwood Park is a postgraduate campus of Imperial College London, located in the village of Sunninghill near Ascot in Berkshire. One of Britain’s foremost centres for research and teaching in ecology, evolution, and conservation, Silwood provides modern academic buildings, laboratories and greenhouses, set in 100 hectares of parkland where long-term ecological field experiments are conducted.

Students studying one of the courses based at the Silwood Park Campus can choose from single and couples accommodation in five separate Halls of Residence:

  1. Brian Flowers
  2. John Smith
  3. Southwood
  4. William Penney
  5. Mary Flowers 

Please note that as Silwood Park is outside of London, we are unable to offer rooms at Silwood Park to students studying courses based at our London campuses.

If you are interested in living in private accommodation near the Silwood Park Campus, visit the Letting Agents page or Private Halls page for more information.

Common room

Caption: Southwood Common Room


Caption: Exterior view

Silwood Park gym

Caption: Silwood Park Gym


Caption: Kitchen in John Smith Hall


Caption: Kitchen in Southwood Hall

Common room

Caption: Common Room in Southwood Hall

Single room

Caption: Standard Single Room in John Smith Hall

Double room

Caption: Standard Double Room in Southwood Hall

Couple studio

Caption: Couple's Studio Flat in Southwood Hall

couple flat

Caption: Couple's One Bedroom Flat in Mary Flowers Hall

Students outside John Smith

Caption: Outside John Smith Hall