Apply for halls at Silwood Park campus

To apply for accommodation at Silwood Park campus, you must

Note for applicants for 2024-25: Due to refurbishment works being carried out during the year at Silwood Park, some students may be required to move to alternative rooms/halls (within Silwood Park) in order to facilitate these works.  Students will be contacted separately as and when the moves will be required.

How to apply for Silwood Park accommodation:

Applicants who have firmly accepted an academic offer (regardless of whether you have a conditional offer or an unconditional offer) from the College will receive an email invite to apply for accommodation using our online system called AccHub. You can specify your preferred hall, room type and price and select 2 preferences* of accommodation.

* Please be advised that your two preferences are EQUALLY ranked, and cannot be distinguished in order of highest to lowest preference. We are not able to guarantee accommodation for postgraduates at Silwood Park.

All applications will be processed and rooms allocated.

After you have applied, the next time you will hear from us will be in early September, if you are successful in confirming a place of study at Imperial.   

At this time we begin our allocation process. We will offer you a place in halls and you will have a limited timeframe in which to accept this offer.

When you receive your accommodation offer, you'll also receive your 'Licence to Occupy' which states your hall and room type. Your room number will not be included in the Licence as this will be provided on your first invoice.

If you've secured a place in College accommodation will be notified by email. Offers must be accepted by the date specified in the email. Payment must be received by the deadline date or your allocated accommodation will be cancelled. 

What happens if I don't want to accept the accommodation I have been offered?"


If you do not wish to accept the offer, you will be able to reject this online. You will be asked to provide a reason why. This will enable us to reallocate the room. We regret that this is the only offer we can make and if you reject it, it is unlikely that we will be able to make an alternative offer.

Moving in day! Exact dates vary from year to year, but prepare for a warm welcome to your new home for the next year!

Apply for GradPad accommodation

GradPad are purpose built properties designed exclusively for postgraduate living. Based in two locations within a short distance from the main South Kensington campus. To apply, visit GradPad website for more information.