We want you to enjoy your time in halls and we aim to maintain high standards of accommodation, but sometimes things do go wrong. This page will detail how to report any problems or concerns that you may have.

Reporting problems in halls

Report a defect


 Through a regular schedule of maintenance, we want to ensure your halls of residence are always in excellent condition.

If you encounter a non-urgent defect, you should report these as soon as possible using our online form. Click here to access the halls defects form.

A team of maintenance contractors will visit each hall once a week to deal with non-urgent defects, as below:

Monday Evelyn Gardens
Tuesday Wilson House and Pembridge Hall
Wednesday Beit Hall
Thursday Eastside and Xenia
Friday Southside
*Students living at Parsons House, Putney Boathouse, Silwood Park, Woodward Buildings and Kemp Porter should refer to local notices or Hall Staff for information about maintenance arrangements at these locations.
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We are committed to maintaining a safe environment in which students and staff can work. By reporting a defect, you are giving permission to authorised personnel to enter your room to investigate and carry out the necessary works. Please make sure that any money and valuable items are locked in the lockable drawer if available. Before a contractor attends you must ensure that your bedroom surfaces and floor are free of obstacles and clutter. When a contractor enters your room they should leave a ‘Maintenance Calling Card,’ which will detail the operative’s name, time of attendance, defect description and an explanation of whether the defect has been resolved or if a return visit is required. The contractor should leave a duplicate copy of the ‘Maintenance Calling Card’ with Hall Staff so that you can track the progress of your defect.

If a specialist contractor is required, things may take a little longer to resolve but we will keep you informed of the progress. Please note that there is a continuous programme of planned maintenance within our Halls and staff may be required to visit bedrooms, kitchens and communal areas to carry out routine or emergency works. We may also experience a fault elsewhere which could involve some inconvenience to you. We ask you to be patient in these circumstances and we will keep you informed of what is happening and ensure that any disturbance is kept to a minimum.

Urgent defects

In an emergency, please call your Hall Supervisor (during office hours) or the Duty Warden (outside office hours). Contact details for Hall Supervisors and Duty Wardens can be found on the noticeboards in halls.

A defect is considered urgent when it represents a danger to health or security e.g. flood, failed emergency lighting or power loss, power outage, broken door cylinder.

Attending to faulty kitchen appliances would not be considered a top priority if you have access to alternative facilities. The Hall Supervisors will install temporary appliances (such as a fridge or a freezer) in the event of failure. If your main light fails but you have an alternative source of light, such as a study lamp in your room, this will be attended to on the contractor’s weekly visit to your Hall.

Pest problem

If you need to report a pest control problem, please contact your Hall Supervisor or Duty Warden (contact details can be found on the noticeboards in halls) who will refer the issue to one of our specialist pest control contractors. Please contact your Hall Supervisor for information about response times.