You will soon be able to apply for accommodation for the 2024-25 academic session. We urge you to look carefully at all the information provided and take time to research the halls, as once you have made your decision and submitted your application it cannot be amended.

Applicants with an insurance offer will be invited to apply from 22 July 2024.

Read the instructions below before accessing AccHub for the first time.

Selecting your accommodation preferences

Through our online system – Accommodation Hub (AccHub) – you will be able to select your preferred halls, price ranges and room types. 

In order to access AccHub, you'll need to use your Imperial username and password so, if you haven't already done so, please activate your account. You'll need to do this to access many Imperial systems and services throughout your time at Imperial.

You must apply no later than 19 July 2024 to be guaranteed a place in our accommodation. Once you've applied, you will get an acknowledgement email to confirm that your application has been received.

Please ensure that as part of your application, you disclose any medical or well-being information that may affect your stay in college halls of residence. If you chose to disclose this information at a later date, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to amend your booking.

Accessing acc hub

Information about your preferences

  • Your preferences are EQUALLY ranked, and cannot be distinguished in order of highest to lowest preference
  • You can only choose one single room and one twin room per hall
  • Once the form is submitted, you cannot make any changes to it. Ensure you are happy with your preferences before submitting the application
  • Although we can guarantee you a bed space we are unfortunately not able to guarantee one of your preferences. We do, however, endeavour to try and match you with one of your preferences as best we can.

Accessing AccHub to apply for accommodation

Please follow these simple steps to complete the activation and application process:

  1. Go to AccHub (you can access this via the link sent in your Invitation to Apply email)
  2. Click on the ACTIVATE link
  3. Activate your account by following the required steps given on the ‘Activate Account’ pages. You will be required to enter your College ID (CID) which will be included on any documentation you have received from the College and which you will find in your letter
  4. Once you have set your password and been given your username you will need to return to AccHub
  5. To begin your application, make sure you select the 2024-25 Academic year from the drop down option above "Your Application" (see image below)
  6. Complete your application for accommodation

Important notes for applicants

  1. Twin rooms - If you are starting College at the same time as someone you know and would like to share a room, you can request this as part of the application. You will both need to select the same room type and hall in at least one of your preferences, and you will each need to submit the other student's name and CID number in the additional information section. We can only allocate twin rooms to those of the same gender. 
  2. Under 18 - Anyone under 18 will not be able to apply for twin rooms or rooms in Beit Hall due to licencing restrictions. 

After you have applied

After you have applied, the next time you will hear from us will be in early September, if you are successful in confirming a place of study at Imperial.   

At this time we begin our allocation process. We will offer you a place in halls and you will have a limited timeframe stated within the email in which to accept this offer.

Our how to apply pages show the full accommodation application timetable.