Current Students

Can I swap rooms/halls during the year?

Once you have moved into your hall if you have any problems within the room/hall then you must in the first instance discuss them with your warden. It is only under exceptional circumstances that you will be able to swap rooms/halls.

Please note you will be required to spend at least a month within your allocated hall. If a move has been granted by your warden after this period, there is a room transfer charge of £50 (unless the change is taking place on medical or welfare grounds).

For more information about the policy and procedure, please visit the Accommodation Transfer Policy page.

I want to leave the hall what should I do?

If you wish to leave the accommodation before the end of the licence, then you must complete a notice to quit form.

Please email us at to request a form.

For more information about the policy and procedure, please visit the Accommodation Transfer Policy page.

I'm intending to move out of halls; can my friend move into my room and take over my contract?

If you have a contract for a room in halls, you are responsible for the rent until the end of the contract.

Any vacant rooms are offered in date order of the Notice to Quits received from the student moving out; therefore a student moving out of a room cannot necessarily arrange for their friend to move into their room.

Each student approaching the Student Accommodation Office to ask for a room is dealt with on an individual basis, and those students already resident in college accommodation that are seeking to swap rooms or halls should refer to the room swap and departure policy pages

When do I need to start thinking about my accommodation for next year?

Only first year students are guaranteed accommodation in halls. Beyond the first year, you will need to start thinking about living in private accommodation whether with friends in a shared house or flat or other student accommodation. The Student Accommodation Office can help with advice on where, what, how and when to look - find out more on our Private Housing pages.

Are there any worship places in halls?

Imperial College London is multi-cultural and we have student groups from many different world faiths. These groups can be contacted at the Freshers Fair or through the Clubs and Societies sabbatical officer at the Union.

An up-to-date list of places of worship and advice about the whereabouts of different faith communities in London is available from the Chaplaincy Centre, as is advice about groups best avoided.

What is the policy on smoking?

Imperial College London is a smoke-free environment.  Smoking is not permitted in any part of the buildings, including bedrooms.

It is breach of College regulations if a student or their guest smokes in a College building.

Smokers are asked to smoke in a designated area outside the residences, away from windows and doorways, and to dispose of their cigarettes in the bin provided.

Medical and Well-being information shared by the student

By submitting an application for accommodation, you agree that the information provided to us is full and accurate, including any medical condition, disability or access requirement you have. Please note that it is unlikely that we will be able to make a change to your offer of accommodation if you withhold information that would prevent our office making an appropriate allocation for you.  

 Please be advised that the information you have provided may be shared with your: Hall Warden and their Wardening teams, the Village Manager and their Residential Services teams, the Imperial College Disability Advisory Service and the Imperial College Health Centre, and in some instances with your academic department.

What is the policy on cleaning?

While in halls, you are responsible for keeping your accommodation in a clean and tidy state. Cleaning services are provided at designated times; please refer to any notices or rotas displayed in your hall / residence for cleaning provision of designated areas. Students are expected to allow staff to access to their room to complete these tasks, and can decline the service once per term only, as long as staff are notified beforehand. If your room is found to be in an unserviceable condition, you will be charged for extra cleaning.

Will I be able to keep a pet in the hall?

Pets are not allowed in halls or on campus, except those registered to provide assistance to disabled people or those with certain medical conditions.

Assistance dogs are defined as those who assist people:

  • who are blind/visibly impaired (often referred to as ‘guide dogs’)
  • who are deaf or who have hearing impairments (often referred to as ‘hearing dogs’), and/or
  • who have disabilities which limit their ability to do tasks such as opening doors or calling for help (often referred to as ‘support dogs’)

Please note that therapy or emotional support dogs in the UK are not considered to be assistance dogs and are not permitted. 

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