Who are we?

The Imperial College Business School Energy & Sustainability Club consists of a diverse group of MBA and MSc students with experience, education or interest in the Energy and Sustainability sectors. Just interested in the energy? Looking for people to join your startup in energy/sustainability? Want to work in the energy industry? Want to know more about the different careers in the industry? The Imperial Business School Energy & Sustainability Club is for you! We host a variety of events, training and nurture networks across the Business School and industry. 

What is our Mission?

We aim to build impactful and lasting networks connecting MBA and MSc students with potential employers while promoting interest and opportunities within the Energy & Sustainability industries. 

What can we offer you?


  • Network with our members and find like-minded, suitable candidates for your team or company
  • Present trends and insights into sectors you work with
  • Opportunity to mention some of the achievements you or your firm have had

MBA and MSc students:

  • Insight into Energy and Sustainability related careers through informative keynote and panel discussions
  • Relevant skills development such as Project Finance modelling 
  • Exposure to industry through field trips to offshore wind/solar plants and company offices 
  • Opportunity to network with like-minded individuals

The annual club membership fee is £10 PER CLUB

You may join as many clubs as you like. When using the payment form, please use the + sign above to indicate the number of clubs you want to join, and click ‘add to basket’. After you have registered, you can specify which clubs you are joining. Once your payment has been accepted, individual club committees will get in touch with you directly about your membership. The payment link is only for currently enrolled students at Imperial College Business School and you will need to use your imperial email to register