Who are we?
The Imperial College Business School FMCG, Luxury Goods and Retail Club comprises three of the most prominent business industries under one umbrella. This club is run by both MSc and MBA students, who share a true passion for one or more of these sectors and seek to replicate, transmit and inform their members not only of the current happenings in all three areas but additionally highlight the current trends, challenges and issues within all these sectors.

What is our mission?
Our aim is to expose our members to the “real” workings of these industries, in order for them to clarify their career choice by deepening their knowledge of these multifaceted industries. We do so by acting as an intermediate between relevant companies and current Imperial Business MSc and MBA students by creating informative and insightful events, information sessions and networking platforms.

What is in it for you?
Imperial College Business School students:

  • Expand your network with firms, members and alumni
  • Get true insights into industries, learn about future trends and understand the core values of companies
  • Keep up with current trends from the relevant industries, which helps with acing your applications
  • Boost your CV and LinkedIn profile with the experiences you gain as a club member
  • Extend your knowledge through collaborations with other clubs, such as the Technology, Media and Communication Club or Consulting Club.


  • Establish and maintain long lasting relationships with Imperial College Business School to recruit top talent
  • Receive innovative insights from young, inspired MSc and MBA students who often challenge business ideas and status quo
  • Get your foot in the door of one of the UK’s most renowned business schools

Keep in touch

The annual club membership fee is £10 PER CLUB

You may join as many clubs as you like. When using the payment form, please use the + sign above to indicate the number of clubs you want to join, and click ‘add to basket’. After you have registered, you can specify which clubs you are joining. Once your payment has been accepted, individual club committees will get in touch with you directly about your membership. The payment link is only for currently enrolled students at Imperial College Business School and you will need to use your imperial email to register.