Our mission is to foster collaboration between the business school’s academic network, the African business community, political leadership and international African development enthusiasts towards the advancement of the continent’s commercial and socioeconomic prospects, with initiatives that embody the “Intelligent Business” mantra of Imperial College Business School.

In addition, we aim to amend the perception the global community has about Africa and highlight the wealth of opportunities available on the continent by stimulating dialogue on the key issues stifling Africa’s growth and explore opportunities to employ innovation and technology in the resolution of the continent’s problems.

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• Provide information and promote discussion on commercial, socioeconomic and political developments and issues in the region
• Campaign for coverage of relevant topics and techniques in the curriculum of programs in the Business School and wider Imperial College institution
• Facilitate network building, skills development and cultural understanding for members and students of the Business school, and wider institution
• Equip students who have an interest in securing and working on the continent, with the necessary capabilities to effectively do so
• Connect organisations from the business community with potential candidates from the business school for recruitment and investment activities, and general commercial opportunities in the region
• Facilitate active problem solving for the business community
• Promote and serve the research needs of the business community
• Reinforce the ‘intelligent business’ mantra, and the institution’s leadership in innovation, technology and science

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