26 January 2023

Silke Kerruth, School of Medicine
'Teaching an old dog new tricks: Identity transformation of STEMM professionals at Imperial College through educational research'
Irene Kalkanis, Interdisciplinary EdTech Lab
'What are you trying to teach? Exploring methods to systematically capture pedagogical intentions to inform predictive analytics and personalised feedback models'.

27 Jane 2023

Luotong Hui, Magda Charalambous, Kate Ippolito
‘Using a self-reflective ePortfolio and feedback dialogue to understand and address problematic feedback expectations’
Vijesh Bhute, Department of Chemical Engineering
‘Screen-reader accessible websites for effective and inclusive delivery of STEM education’.

26 September 2023

Richard Bale, Monika Pazio Rossiter (with Roisin Gwyon, PhD student) Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship
‘Intercultural and signature feedback literacies’

Moira Sarsfield, FoNS EdTech Lab
‘Exploring multimode assessment feedback using a design-based research (DBR) approach’.