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30 January 2020

Vily Papageorgiou - 'Exploring online pedagogical practice through design for learning: Educators and online learning designers’ perspectives and experiences'

Dr Roel Schipper - 'Use of peer assessment among students as pedagogy for activating learning'

23 June 2020

Dr Arti Miani, Celine Esuruoso and Lydia Daniels - 'Embedding coaching in education: Challenges and Opportunities'

Alejandro Luy - 'Building belonging in a competitive environment: A look at sense of belonging across multiple sectors'

30 July 2020

Irene Kalkanis - 'Descriptive learning analytics for monitoring and evaluating online degrees: Approaches, lessons learned and looking forward to future developments’

Dr Mariam Sbaiti - 'The "us and them" divide: Minority students' experiences of empowerment and alienation in Global Health education'

24 September 2020

Vijesh Bhute - ‘Improving Accessibility in Mathematics education’

Dr David Riley - 'Action Research in the time of Covid-19'

Dr Eliel Cohen and Dr Julianne Viola - Measuring and understanding students' sense of belonging

12 November 2020

Tiffany Chiu - 'Underrepresented Student Identities at Imperial: An Introduction to the SIDUS Project'

Vijesh Bhute and Ellen Player - ‘Technology Enhanced Delivery of Mathematics to Improve Accessibility and Feedback in Higher Education'