Opening their minds? The trials and tribulations of establishing an interdisciplinary curriculum enhancement programme at the University of Manchester

Dr Peter Lawler, Director, University College for Interdisciplinary Learning / Senior Lecturer in International Relations

Tuesday 14 January 2014
Read Lecture Theatre
Level 5, Sherfield Building
South Kensington campus

In September 2011, the University of Manchester launched its University College for Interdisciplinary Learning, a pan-institutional project to enhance and broaden the curricula of all of the university's undergraduate students. In this talk, the Academic Director of University College explored the motivations and drivers behind its establishment and went on to assess the anticipated and unanticipated challenges, sites of resistance and lessons learned in the process.

Appointed Director of University College for Interdisciplinary Learning in November 2011, Dr Lawler (Politics, School of Social Sciences) is an international politics specialist with an established reputation for student-centred and innovative teaching. His knowledge of contemporary debates about curriculum development arises from visiting teaching and research positions in Canada, Spain, India and Russia, as well as his work as an external examiner at six universities in the UK and Ireland.

Watch a video of Peter's talk.