Teaching inclusively: an exploration of pedagogy as raced, classed and gendered

Professor Gill Crozier, University of Roehampton

Tuesday 12 June
Royal School of Mines
South Kensington Campus

This presentation will focus on pedagogy, identities and equity. Drawing on the HEA funded project ‘Gender Formations and HE Pedagogies’ (GaP), Gill will discuss lecturer and student perspectives on their teaching and learning experiences.

In the session, the aim will be to explore and interrogate the pedagogic relationship between lecturers and students and students and students taking into account their diverse identities of race, class and gender. Gill will discuss and engage participants in a discussion of the ways pedagogies are shaped by different power relations and the changing contexts of higher education. Gill will look at the ways pedagogies are both shaped by and in turn shape identity formations, and examine the implications of whose knowledge ‘counts’ and who has the ‘right’ to participate in higher education. 

The session will include a brief presentation of the GaP project and the participatory methodologies employed, together with some of the key issues that emerged from the data. A participatory element will also be involved using some of the original data.

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