Festival of Learning and Teaching 2024 - Sustainable Success: Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Well in STEMMB

The Festival of Learning and Teaching is Imperial’s annual collaborative and celebratory forum of educational innovation and achievement across the College. This year we are delighted to welcome colleagues from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in our first international collaborative event.

At Imperial and across the higher education sector, we strive to perform well in the work that we do. This includes the education mission and how we understand and enhance its value. Looking beyond metrics, such as the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and the National Student Survey (NSS), we ask what it means for us – students, educators, and all colleagues who support learning – to perform well? How can we look beyond metrics, grades, and evaluation scores when striving for success, in order to ensure that education is healthy and sustainable? We will consider some of the current opportunities and challenges faced by our education communities, exploring over three days what it means to teach, learn and assess well.

Event resources

Teaching Well

Teaching Well: Student, EDI, and Intercultural Perspectives
Keynote Panel session delivered by:

  • Speaker 1: Dr Wayne Mitchell, Associate Provost (EDI)
  • Speakers 2: Milan Paczai and Eliott Stoclet, Imperial College Alumni
  • Speaker 3: Dr Monika Pazio Rossiter, Senior Teaching Fellow

Parallel sessions

  • 1a: How emotionally (il)literate are you and your students: and why does it matter? (Presentation)
    By Kate Ippolito, Dr Catherine Mansfield, Dr Manuela Mura
  • 1b: Fostering Synergy in Online Business Education: Digital Innovation and Collaboration (Presentation)
    By Jamina Ward, IDEA lab, Business School; Nai Li, Business School; Stephen Vaz: Fostering Synergy in Online Business Education: Digital Innovation and Collaboration
  • 1c: Fostering Inclusive Access and Transition to Higher Education: reflections from a Widening Participation program supporting students into healthcare careers (Presentation)
    By Dr Roshni Bhudia, Dr Ismail Ismail, Sukhi Ubhi, Dr Laura Knight, Stephanie Powell, Dr Ravi Parekh MEdIC (Medical Education, Innovation & Research Centre)
  • 2b: Teaching literature review in the age of Generative AI (Presentation)
    By Dr Richard Silversides, Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 3a: Ignite session
    Presentation 1: Virtual and Augmented Reality in Neurology and Neuroscience Education: Applications and Curricular Strategies
    By Stefano Sandrone
    Presentation 2: What Role Does a Teacher Have in Helping Students Become Well-Rounded Programmers? (Presentation)
    By Chris Cooling
    Presentation 4: To keep up or to fall behind and catch up later? Study patterns and how we support students (Presentation)
    By Linda Stringer
  • 3b: Ignite session
    Presentation 1: Importance of relevant role models: a qualitative study investigating experiences of Black women studying STEM at Imperial (Presentation)
    By Linda Van Keimpema
    Presentation 2: The importance of embedding a culture of academic integrity within postgraduate taught education (Presentation)
    By Dr Natasha Croome
    Presentation 3: Words’ exchange - an ice-breaking approach to foster meaningful intercultural exchanges among doctoral students (Presentation)
    By Elena Forasacco
  • 3c: Ignite session
    Presentation 1: An Introduction to Ambiguity (Presentation)
    By Fabian Sorce
    Presentation 2: Innovation Sustained by Integration: making radical ideas acceptable over time
    By Sunday Popo-Ola et al
    Presentation 3: Information literacy, self-efficacy and self-regulated learning (Presentation)
    By Heather Lincoln and Rosemary Russell
    Presentation 4: Virtual Horizons: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sustainable Virtual Reality Education Futures 
    By Dr Argita Zalli and Monica Tolocica
  • Plenary session: AIM Framework: interactive 3D visualisation to asynchronous online learning experiences (Recording)
    By Daniel Mitelpunkt, Director, Digital Media Lab and Dr Simon Pocock, Learning Technology & Software Lead, Interdisciplinary EdTech Lab  

Learning Well

Keynote session: Universities as partners for lifelong learning - a paradigm shift
By Professor Dr. Claudia Peus, Founding Director of the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning, Senior Vice President for Talent Management and Diversity, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Parallel sessions

  • 1a: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Postgraduate Research: Why It Matters and What We Can Do (Presentation)
    By Rachel Van Krimpen, Faculty Director of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and People for the Faculty of Science at the University of Nottingham (UoN)
  • 1b: ChatGPT in summative exams? Findings from a "Pilot ChatGPT exam" at TUM (Recording)
    By Dr. Matthias Baume, ProLehre, Technical University of Munich
  • 1c: Empowering learners: Implementing student-led insights and design in Imperial Learning Analytics (Presentation)
    By Helen Walkey, Central Learning Analytics Team
  • 2b: (Self-) Reflection in Lifelong Learning - A Powerful Learning Tool (Recording)
    By Dr Kristin Knipfer, Technical University Munich (TUM)
  • 2c: Live well to Learn well (Presentation)
    By Abby Sanderson, Wellbeing Manager, Move Imperial
  • 3a: Ignite session
    Presentation 1: Undergraduate students’ preconceptions of a world-leading, high-achieving STEMMB university: potential implications for students’ ability to learn well at ICL (Learning Well project)
    By Dr Sue Sing, Dr Tiffany Chiu and Dr Richard Bale
    Presentation 2: Unveiling the ‘Hidden Curriculum’ – industrial action and the medical workforce. What do pre-clinical students think?
    By Dr Stephen Naulls, Dr Anna Ogier, Dr Lisa-Jane Edwards, Eve O'Connell, Cate Goldwater Breheny, Dr Rasha Mezher-Sikafi, Dr Richard J Pinder, Imperial College London
    Presentation 3: Evaluating and enhancing the future prospects of STEMB students using humanities, social science and languages learning
    By Dr Michael Weatherburn, Field Leader of Humanities & Social Sciences and Data Science Institute Academic Fellow at Imperial College London
  • 3b: Ignite session
    Presentation 1: Activate Student Mentoring Training: Collaborating, Creating Safe Spaces and Learning (Presentation)
    by Dr Caroline Hargreaves, Graduate School
    Presentation 2: Challenges and opportunities for decolonising the curriculum at Imperial and the role of the library as a ‘neutral’ space: The use of the LEGO® Serious Play® method to facilitate focus groups to explore views of library staff (Presentation)
    by Coco Nijhoff, Senior Teaching Fellow, Library Services
    Presentation 3: Learning well within interprofessional and multidisciplinary teams (Presentation)
    By Dr Felicity Lalloo, Stephanie Powell and Dr Arti Maini, Primary Care
  • 3c: Ignite session
    Presentation 1: A Follow-up Study of Interdisciplinary Learning as Feeling on the I-Explore UG Research Computing Module at Imperial (Presentation)
    By Dr Liam Gao, Graduate School
    Presentation 2: ReCoDE – project-based cognitive apprenticeship learning for research computing and data science (Presentation)
    By John Pinney, James Deslauriers, Chris Cooling, Jianliang Gao, Jeremy Cohen, Diego Alonso Alvarez and Katerina Michalickova, Imperial College London
    Presentation 3: Can 360° Immersive Videos Enhance Medical Students’ Readiness for Primary Care Placements? (Presentation)
    By Dr Gautham Benoy, Primary Care and Public Health
  • Plenary session: Outcomes from the Strengthening Learning Communities project (Recording)
    By Amy Smith, Jessie Durk and Michael Fox, Imperial College London

Assessing Well

Keynote session: Designing Effective Assessment and Feedback into the Curriculum (Recording)
By Dr Edd Pitt, Programme Director for the Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education and Reader in Higher Education and Academic Practice in the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Kent

Parallel sessions

  • 1a: AI Literacy in practice: Exploring the critical and ethical use of Generative AI for learning, teaching and assessment (Presentation)
    By Dr Monika Rossiter, Coco Nijhoff, Dr Tiffany Chiu, Imperial College London 
  • 1b: Skills for the Future Chemistry Workforce 
    By Henry Lovett, Policy Advisor, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • 1c: Using varied assessment for learning development in an independent study portfolio project (Presentation)
    By Nigel Forrest and Mike Tennant, Imperial College London
  • 1d: Gen AI and Business School assessments – stress testing to identify opportunities and challenges (Presentation)
    By Dr Cloda Jenkins, Sean O’Grady and Peter Atkinson, Business School
  • 2b: Toolkit for Professional Competencies development in our UG students (Presentation)
    By Esther Perea Borobio and Dr María Ribera Vicent, Imperial College London
  • 2c: Ignite session
    Presentation 1: How to assess a module in 5 days; explained in 5 minutes (Presentation)
    By Idris Kevin Mohammed, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Presentation 2: The three Rs of Assessment for Engagement (Presentation)
    By Iria Gonzalez-Becerra, Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication
    Presentation 3: “Go big or go home!” Will a student-led symposium be a sustainable assessment in Bioscience Futures MSc? (Presentation)
    By Anne Burke-Gaffney and Blerina Ahmetaj-Shala, National Heart and Lung Institute
    Presentation 4: Feedback sessions immediately after low stakes summative tests, enabled by automated feedback
    By Peter Johnson, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2d: Exploring healthy and sustainable assessment through embodiment 
    By Romain Muller and Milan Paczai, Imperial College Alumni
  • Plenary session: Towards Sustainable Success
    Chair: Professor Peter Haynes, Vice Provost (Education and Student Experience)
    Panellists: Andreea Cojocea, Student Union Deputy President (Welfare); Yi Yang, Student Union Deputy President (Education); Professor Alan Spivey, Associate Provost (Learning and Teaching); Leila Guerra, Vice Dean (Education), Business School; Professor Jason Riley, Vice Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering; Dr Mike Tennant, Vice Dean (Education), Faculty of Natural Sciences; Dr Kay Leedham-Green, Senior Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Medicine

President Hugh Brady delivering the opening speeches at the Festival of Learning and Teaching 2024.

Keynote panel on Teaching Well: Student, EDI, and Intercultural Perspectives. Delivered by Dr Wayne Mitchell, Associate Provost (EDI); Dr Monika Pazio Rossiter, Senior Teaching Fellow; Milan Paczai and Eliott Stoclet, Imperial College Alumni

The keynote speakers invited the audience to ask questions and voice their thoughts.

This year, the Festival hosted more delegates than ever before with over 250 staff and students from the Imperial community in attendance.

The event ended with a plenary session focusing on 'Towards Sustainable Success'.