Education Day November 2011: broadening students' horizons

Wednesday 30 November 2011
Sir Alexander Fleming Building
South Kensington campus

Education Day took place on Wednesday 30 November. The event was attended by over 200 people from across all areas of the College, together with a number of headteachers from schools in the greater London area and people involved in teaching and learning from London and Oxford and Cambridge universities. The afternoon focused on the wider role of teaching and education in preparing students for life after university.

Guest speakers included Mr Malcolm Horton, Global Head of Recruitment and Programmes, Nomura International Plc, Professor Adrian Sutton, Imperial College and Dr Evan Harris, Vice-Chair Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee, writer, and former MP. A chaired keynote debate, is university education failing our students?, also took place with a panel consisting of Sir William Atkinson, Executive Headteacher, The Phoenix Canberra Schools Federation, Dr Anthony Seldon, Master, Wellington College, Sir Richard Sykes, Chairman, UK Stem Cell Foundation, Hamish Common, Barrister, former President of Imperial College Union and Paul Milliken, Vice President Human Resources - UK, Ireland, Nordics and South Africa, Shell UK.

The day concluded with a presentation by Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller of the 2011 College Awards for excellence in teaching, supporting the student experience, pastoral care and research supervision, and was deemed a great success by all.