Changing Pedagogical Spaces: A Praxis-based Approach

Professor Penny Jane Burke, The University of Newcastle Australia

Thursday 20 September
502, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
South Kensington Campus

This session will draw on a body of research in the UK and Australia generating praxis-based approaches and changing pedagogical spaces. The focus on praxis emphasizes the need to create the space and time for critically reflexive, collaborative and dialogical conversations across theory and practice to create greater parity of participation in and through learning and teaching in higher education. The session will introduce a series of film 'think pieces' designed to provoke and stimulate rich discussion about the pedagogical challenges of addressing diversity and difference and building a sense of capability and belonging in and through higher education participation.

Professor Penny Jane Burke has pushed the boundaries of the field of equity, arguing for praxis-based approaches that work towards transforming educational spaces and imaginaries and bringing research, theory and practice together. Her personal experience of returning to study via an Access to Higher Education program has fuelled her ongoing and deep commitment to generating research with impact, firmly located in social justice methodologies.

As the Global Innovation Chair and Director of the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education at the University of Newcastle, Professor Burke has drawn upon extensive experience in the UK to build a site of praxis in the Australian higher education landscape. CEEHE has established a praxis framework to embed equity across the institution and is now firmly situated in the fields of equity in higher education research and widening participation practice and policy, in Australia and internationally.

Professor Burke is a member of the Australian Department of Education and Training’s Equity Research and Innovation Panel, a founding member of the International Network on Gender, Social Justice and Praxis, and the Editor of Teaching in Higher Education. She has published extensively in the field, including, ‘Reconceptualising Lifelong Learning: Feminist Interventions’, and 'The Right to Higher Education: Beyond widening participation’. Most recently, Professor Burke has published ‘Changing Pedagogical Spaces in Higher Education: Diversities, Inequalities and Misrecognition’ (with Professor Gill Crozier and A/Professor Lauren Misiaszek), and the edited collection ‘Evaluating Equity and Widening Participation in Higher Education’ (with Annette Hayton and Professor Jacqueline Stevenson).

Unfortunately this event was not recorded on Panopto due to a technical error. The following resources are supplied with permission from Penny Jane Burke:

Changing pedagogical spaces - Penny Jane Burke [pdf] (presentation slides)

Teaching Inclusively Resource Pack [pdf]

Equity in Higher Education Conceptual Films and Resources to be accompanied by the following exercises (see videos below)