CHERSNet: Promoting, supporting and inspiring educational enquiry


23 January 2019

Dr Mike Streule - 'Working with students as partners in higher education: Rationale for the approach and opportunities for research and dissemination'

Dr Tiffany Chiu - 'University lecturers' construction of the 'ideal' undergraduate student'

27 March 2019

Dr Eve Rapley - 'Practice theory and sociomateriality in post-compulsory educational research – developing a qualitative methodology to explore H.E teacher pedagogic practices in a UK landbased college'

Dr Chris John - 'Incorporating group work into your teaching'

15 May 2019

Roberts Zivtins - 'Evaluating science outreach at Imperial - Case studies in the Wohl Reach Out Lab'

Dr Caroline Clewley and Dr Monika Pazio - 'Working in partnership: what difference does it make?'

30 July 2019

Emelie Helsen - 'Sense of Belonging: The experiences of racially minoritised undergraduate students in UK universities'

Dr Miranda Kronfli - 'A Student Partnership Approach to teaching Clinical Communications in the Medical Undergraduate Setting'

Dr David Riley - 'Is Learning Enough?' How school leavers differentiate and transform into scientists, engineers, clinicians, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs is a familiar mystery. This session invites action research into the ‘alchemy of student transmutation’, as inter-reactions between learning and development.

12 September 2019

Introduction to the Education evaluation toolkit by Dr Eliel Cohen and Dr Julianne Viola, Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship

Dr Irene Kalkanis - 'Understanding learner pathways and predicting behaviours at scale'

Dr Matthew Harris and Dr Mark Skopec - 'Addressing Geographic Bias in the Masters in Public Health – challenges and pitfalls'

28 November 2019

Dr Louise Rickard and Dr Mike Tennant - 'The ups and downs and ins and outs of Peer Assessment of Groupwork'

Dr Camille Kandiko Howson - 'Moving from evaluation to research: An interactive session'