Education Day April 2011: embedding research in university education

Thursday 07 April 2011
Sir Alexander Fleming Building
South Kensington campus

Education Day took place on 07 April 2011 and was attended by over 200 people from across all areas of the College. The theme for the event was embedding research in university education and the day included a combination of plenary and parallel sessions. The event focused on raising the profile of teaching throughout the College by bringing staff together in a collegiate way for discussion of ideas and practice, and honoured outstanding teachers from across the College.

Professor David Radcliffe, Kamyar Haghighi Head of the School of Engineering Education and Epistemology Professor of Engineering Education at Purdue University, gave the opening plenary at the April 2011 event and Dr Jonathan Leape, Director, LSE100 from the London School of Economics and Political Science, delivered the keynote speech. Dr Leape is the Course Director for LSE100 - The LSE course, an innovative new course that encourages first year undergraduates to explore different approaches to evidence, explanation and theory and aims to produce students whose intellectual grounding in their discipline is complemented by an understanding of different ways of thinking.

A number of parallel sessions on the theme of embedding research in education also took place during the day, given by leading academics from across College and from other institutions.

The day concluded with the presentation by the Rector of the College awards for excellence in teaching, pastoral care and research supervision, and was deemed a great success by all.