Workshop dates

Dates for 2019-20 will be added in August


Paulette Shelley


Atif Choudhury and Tim Blunt (Diversity and Ability Ltd.)

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The Assistive Technology Service Enhancement Project was set up to update and enhance the inclusive technologies available across College. Diversity and Ability (DnA), a disabled-led social enterprise specialising in inclusive technology, has been leading on the project working in collaboration with key Imperial College teams. Using their expertise and ‘end-user’ knowledge they have drawn up a list of inclusive technologies and have created an appropriate training programme for all students and College staff.

Who should attend?

This workshop, run in partnership with the Disability Advisory Service, is aimed at all staff but may be particularly pertinent to those who pay a lead role in the design and development of Imperial College’s administrative and operational systems and the academic curriculum. It is also designed to complement the EDU workshop ‘Introduction to Making Teaching More Inclusive

Workshop description

This training session aims to give staff a broad overview of the software including clear signposting, guidance on functionality and some hands on practical work. Discussions will also centre on:

  • Staff and student efficiency
  • Staff and student retention
  • Assessment and attainment
  • Accessibility
  • Disability disclosure and the intersection with cultural taboos
  • The normalisation of learning differences
  • Maximising engagement and use of existing and new Imperial College resources

Workshop aims

  1. Raise awareness of these technologies and enable staff to access them.
  2. Increase staff (and indirectly student) use by explaining their functions and professional benefits.
  3. Provide practical hands on tutorials along with referral to resources for further self-training.
  4. Investigate possible areas for professional job role application.
  5. Investigate how technologies can be integrated into accessible teaching materials and an accessible curriculum.