How to use Sonocent Audio Notetaker.

Audio Notetaker

With Sonocent Audio Notetaker for Windows and Mac it's easy to capture full recordings of classes and meetings and to work with that audio. The software makes recordings of speech a real, tangible thing, by visualising audio as chunks, phrase-by-phrase. This enables you to quickly return to any part of the recording later.

  • Record lectures, and sub-divide into different sections
  • Combine recordings with PowerPoint files
  • Colour code recordings to indicate particularly relevant/important sections
  • Use free smartphone app to make recordings
  • Add in notes, images, or draw in your own diagrams
  • Organise your files based on module or speaker

Available via Windows on College PCs and as an app on iOS and Android. 

More useful videos:

You can use the features of Sonocent Audio Notetaker to work with online presentations in the same way you would in a lecture, meeting, brainstorm session or interview.

Using Audio Notetaker with Panopto

Audionotetaker can be used to work with online presentations via screen capture and output recording. This is exceptionally useful for Imperial College’s Panopto lecture capture system.

Guidelines for use

Use of lecture recordings is limited to the personal use of the student making it and for educational purposes only. Unless you have the written consent of the lecturer, recordings and parts of recordings may not be redistributed. For clarification, redistribution, which is prohibited, includes sending a copy to another person by email and adding it to a website / social media website (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter). Misuse of lecture recordings will be treated as misconduct and will be handled as a disciplinary matter under the Code of Student Discipline.