Take the stress out of your revision process by taking advantage of these programmes designed to enhance your revision and ensure you feel prepared for every examination.

A video explaining the Quizlet app for mobile, explaining how you can use it for learning and testing yourself.


Quizlet is a free learning and revision tool.

  • Generate flashcard decks quickly
  • Study from your own, or other users’ flashcards
  • Track your progress in mastering an area of knowledge
  • Generate quizzes to vary the revision style

Help & how to get started:

Note: When using Quizlet, please set visibility and edit settings to Just me. Imperial's teaching materials and lecture content may not be publicly shared without written permission from the lecturer

More helpful videos:

Cardiovascular System Examination for OSCEs | SimpleMed


SimpleMed is a free online platform created by medical students for medical students. It has simple guided notes on a wide range of subjects with a short quiz to take at the end of each course.

Help & how to get started:

CRAM is a website and app useful for revision. It may help students with memory issues or to ease anxiety for those with mental health conditions.


CRAM is a flashcard creation tool allowing you to remember key information and facts. Have your cards read back to you and add images for a multi-sensory learning process. Nearly 200 million Flashcards created by other students are already available for you to utilise or copy to create your own Flashcard set. It also features a Writing tool allowing you to check for grammatical errors and plagiarism. 

Help & how to get started:

MindView AT 7 - Revision Plan


Mind maps can be a great revision tool, allowing you to test your knowledge and understanding. Everything you need to know can be encapsulated in a single, visual reference with links to important files and websites. Visual cues such as arrows to link topics can also help to memorise facts and join up information when in your exam. Test your knowledge by hiding and then revealing definitions and information or start a mind map from scratch and compare it to your original notes. You can also create a revision plan using the timeline or Gantt chart feature. 

Help & how to get started:

Supported operating systems: Windows