When supporting students to learn from groupwork we have found the following approaches helpful:

  • Create separate channels for different tasks and be prepared to remind students that they need to use specific channels for specific activities; they can get carried away and continue to the next activity in the same channel. This makes it easier for both you and students joining later to catch up.  

  • Manually number each channel so that they appear in the order that you want students to move between them, as indicated in the screen capture below.

  • With larger groups (more than 6) create identical channels for each group to work within.  To indicate group allocation type students' initials after the channel name and advise students of this e.g. 1. Pre-reading discussion (KI, NB, IN, MP), as indicated in the screen capture below.

  • Upload any documents that you’d like students to be able to refer to or to download and complete to the ‘Files’ section in the relevant channel, as visible at the top of the screen capture below.

  • Remind students that if their video fails or they are having connectivity problems they can still take part by typing into the Chat function, found on the right hand side of the screen.

Teams screenshot