Anatomy of Assessment

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About the project

Assessment design shapes student learning behaviours Variety in assessment types and how they are designed within a programme improves inclusivity, student skill development and learning.  

We tend to see a limited range of assessment types within a programme, with peers adopting what they see around them, although Covid-19 has provided a catalyst for change. Lecturers and students are understandably wary of the unknown and processes for making change can be daunting and high stake.

The purpose of our project is to remove some of the uncertainty around  changing assessment. Our resource provides detailed information on how to design and implement different types of assessment, based on case studies from across faculties of what is considered best practice at Imperial supplemented with insights from stakeholders from across the College. There is no one size fits all assessment method within and across programmes, and a better understanding of the underlying anatomy of design provides a vehicle for more informed choice when considering assessment.