The need to reconsider our assessment methods to make them fair, manageable and ‘fit for purpose’ in the remote, online context creates both challenges and opportunities.  Below are resources to help you understand new College regulations for assessment, devised in response to the emerging situation, and to plan for more appropriate assessment methods and feedback approaches.

Student writing on paper

College guidelines

Visit the following webpages for information sent out by the College:

Procedures for consideration of exam arrangements in respect of disability

Message from the Provost to students - Remote Assessment - 6 April 2020

Safety Net Policy 2019/20 [PDF]

FAQs on online assessment

Making department-level assessment and feedback decisions

If you are revaluating how appropriate your programme’s formative and summative assessment methods are for the remote, online context (and beyond), please see alternative assessment methods and assessment design guidance. For guidance on designing Timed Remote Assessments, please see Timed Remote Assessments (TRAs) guide PDF.

See details of how Imperial medical school converted final year medical students’ exams to an open book exam, covered in an online Guardian article, or read about the change from face-to-face exams to Timed Remote Assessments in the second year Immunology and Imflamation module, part of the BSc Medical Biosciences programme.