Option 1: Wait and see if there is an actual issue

If you don’t think inappropriate use of AI will be an issue for this assessment or you think the actual level of misconduct will be low either due to the characteristics of your cohort or the nature of the assessment, you might want to keep the assessment as it is for now and assess the situation later. 

In this case please remember about the following: 

  • Briefing - Ensure there is a thorough briefing with the students about what is allowed on the course and how to appropriately reference AI sources in their assignment. Consult College level guidance and the Library guidance as well as any departmental guidance. It is useful to consider a module level or a programme level strategy for engaging with AI in a pedagogically helpful way that doesn’t raise issues around academic integrity. 
  • Dealing with suspected offences - Ensure there are mechanisms in place to deal with potential AI misconduct . This means having a process to deal with a suspected case of the abuse of AI that might include additional form of assessment in place such as authenticity interviews or additional viva/ oral assessments. Make sure that all of this is communicated to students in advance at the point of assessment briefing.