Project Team

Project Team

The project relied on input from different stakeholders that was facilitated by the central team and the Faculty leads working in partnership with students: 

Project Team

Professor Martyn Kingsbury

Central lead and Director of Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship

Project Team

Sheri Djafer

Web and Content Designer

Imperial Experts

David Mooney
Kate Ippolito
Martyn Kingsbry
Iro Ntonia
Richard Bale
Jo Horsburgh
Nikki Boyd
Tiffany Chiu
Monika Pazio
Mark Anderson
Agata Sadza
Valentina Cattane
Shireen lock
Robert Woodward
Katie Dallison
Judith Webster

Our Studentshapers

Department of Engineering

Matthew Dai
Arturo Cano
Xiang Yan
Abdullah Ali

Faculty of Natural Science (FONS)

Mecia Miguel
Laura Ellington
Ximing Pan
Barbara Duncan-Hanson
Amir Zubair Rahman
Anne Freise

Our Studentshapers

Business School

Isabella Traditi
Hanna Okechunkwu
Christa Hansen
Alexandre Nour

Faculty of Medicine

Leo Lai
Zoraiz Khan
Chhavi Nashier
Roshni Bhudia
Ruth Goh
Hamza Ikhlaq