STEP 2: Assess your assessment

If you suspect that AI might cause real issues on your programme it is useful to stress test your assessment. The Business School developed the stress test to assess to what extent assessments quality across different Business courses would be compromised by AI.  

Use your choice of AI software and input your assessment question. Examine the output by considering the following questions: 

  • Did the AI provide information that is factually correct and up-to-date? 
  • Was the AI's response coherent, logically developed and free from unnecessary repetition? 
  • Did the AI address the question effectively? (i.e. did it directly address the central question or topic? 
  • Did the AI follow the instructions given in the task? For example, if the task asked for a response in a particular format (e.g., an essay or a report), used a specific methodology or addressed a certain number of points, compliance would measure how well the AI adhered to these requirements. 
  • Was the AI able to provide accurate and appropriate references when required in the response? 
  • Was the AI tool straightforward and efficient to use in completing the assessment?. 

Now reflect on the following: 

  • How likely is it that the output would receive a good grade? (work with your marking criteria to determine that) 
  • How easy would it be to recognize the output as produced by AI?