Top imageIf you are an Imperial College London graduate, you may be eligible for a £1,000 bursary.


To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be either a current Imperial College London undergraduate or have graduated from Imperial College London
  2. You must be applying for either MRes Cancer Biology (Cancer Biology Stream) or MRes Cancer Biology (Cancer Informatics Stream)
  3. MRes Cancer Biology (either stream) must be your first choice of programme on your Imperial College London Postgraduate Application
  4. Your highest qualification must be your undergraduate degree
  5. You must apply before 09:00 on Wednesday 15 April 2020
  6. We must have received at least one academic reference by 09:00 on Wednesday 15 April 2020
  7. You must be planning to commence your studies in October 2020

Bursary amount

There are up to ten bursaries of £1,000 available, which will be paid in two instalments of £500 (in November and February).
The first 10 applicants to meet the above criteria and offered a place on the programme will be notified that they will be awarded the bursary.


Applying for the bursary is automatic. There is no need to submit any additional information – just ensure that you meet the deadlines above when applying for the programme.

Other considerations

Please note that there may be other scholarships offered by Schools, Institutes and Departments that make up the Faculty of Medicine. These are separate from the Faculty Master's Scholarships described here and entail a different application process. For other such scholarships, please see our scholarships page.

Frequently asked questions

Am I still eligible if I receive another scholarship or sponsorship?

Yes. This is a programme-specific bursary, so you could be eligible even if you are awarded a scholarship.

Does my fee status affect my eligibility?

No. Home, EU, and Overseas students are all eligible.

I deferred from last year, am I eligible?

No. Only applicants who have applied in this cycle for the next academic year are eligible.

If I defer, will I still be eligible?

No. You are only eligible if you attend in October 2020.

If I leave part way through the year, will I have to repay the bursary?

No. You must be registered to receive the bursary so if you decide to discontinue your studies in December, you will not receive the second instalment of £500, but you will not need to pay back the amount previously received.

The programme has multiple application deadlines, what does this mean for the bursary?

The first deadline for applications is 09:00 on Friday, 31 January 2020. Any eligible applicants will be considered in this batch and, if all 10 bursaries are awarded in this batch then no further applicants will be considered for the bursary.

When will I know that I have been awarded the scholarship?

When you receive your offer for the programme, you will be informed whether or not you will be awarded the scholarship once you are enrolled on the programme.

Will the bursary be available in future years?

Uncertain. The bursary is subject to review on an annual basis and so may be revised or unavailable for future academic years.