Before proceeding to the Request Form, please ensure that you have checked:

Room suitability

Please note that the default capacities and layout for all rooms across all campuses listed below are pre-COVID. Click here to find out the reduced room capacities for Medicine rooms in Celcat 20/21.

To view rooms information, please follow the campus links below (opens in new window):

Note: Whilst all the listed rooms are available for core-teaching, not all are available for non-teaching activities. This is indicated below the room listing.

Room availability

CELCAT Calendar :  

Please follow the link CELCAT Calendar to identify available rooms considering your preferences (opens in new window)

Please view a short video about CELCAT Calendar.

Alternatively, please refer to the CELCAT Calendar Help document.

Please note:

  1. The prefix format for Medicine rooms as follows:

          CW - for Chelsea and Westminster
          CX - for Charing Cross
          HM - for Hammersmith
          SAFB - for Sir Alexander Fleming Building (SK)
          SM - for St Mary's

2. All information in CELCAT Calendar is relevant to the current academic year.