Students at ImperialWelcome. This page is meant to help students and teachers in KS4 and KS5 to understand what is needed to apply to medicine at Imperial and how to prepare for our application process. It will also point you to the right websites, students’ experience and contact details.

The Admission Process

We highly value the elements of the admission process where we can find out more about our candidates, in particular, the interview process. There are important elements you have to complete to get through to this.

  • Your UCAS application
  • The Admissions Test (UCAT)
  • Academic Requirements*. Be predicted the minimum entry requirements: A in Biology; A in Chemistry; A in a third subject. For IB: 38 points overall, to include: 6 in Biology at higher level; 6 in Chemistry at higher level.

*Most applicants, if successful at interview, would be offered the typical offer conditions: A* in Biology/Chemistry; A in Biology/Chemistry; A in a third subject. For IB: 39 points overall, to include: grade 7 and 6 in Biology and Chemistry at higher level – grades in any order. Please note that we also require a grade B in English GCSE. If you have not sat an English GCSE and are undertaking English proficiency tests, you must achieve the College’s higher requirement. You can find your appropriate level here.

If you do this and achieve the threshold for interview, you will be asked to attend Multiple Mini Interviews. These are interview stations used by medical schools to assess their shortlisted candidates. At Imperial, we believe that MMIs give fair and accurate results. Rather than a simple panel interview where certain candidates might be stronger at answering standard questions, our stations help us better assess all the different skills that make a good healthcare professional, such as empathy and respect. 

We welcome and cherish diversity in our applicants' cohort, and we understand it can be difficult to share sensitive information about disabilities, learning difficulties or extenuating circumstances. If you feel that there is anything which could represent a barrier in your application to Medicine, please do get in touch with us so we can put any reasonable adjustments in place for you. We also recommend that you have a look at the MSC Guidance for people with disabilities or long-term health conditions.

KS4 and KS5 Work Experience

NHS StaffWhether you are in Year 10, Year 11 or Year 12, starting your exposure to a healthcare career soon can only help you understand what you would like to do when you’re older. Have a look at the NHS Careers Website about doing your work experience in the health sector. There is also a Youtube channel dedicated to this.
We have collated a Work Experience page‌ which will give you more information about Work Experience in the current situation.

Widening Participation at Imperial College School of Medicine

Widening ParticipationAt Imperial we welcome diversity and want to ensure that our application process is fair to everyone. Watch this presentation from Professor Kevin Murphy discussing the widening participation system at Imperial and the School of Medicine.

You can find more on the website about Imperial College Widening Participation schemes and what data we use to make assessments, including young carers information. In addition to this, if you are in Year 11 or just starting Y12, you can learn about Pathways to Medicine, a programme designed to help you as an aspiring medic to make a strong and informed application to study medicine at university. Read more about Pathways to Medicine programme. We also have initiatives for Teachers, please find more information here.

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