Digital representation of health subjects

Learn from world-class researchers, anywhere

The Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London has provided world-class education to students, both undergraduate and postgraduate for a number of years, providing leaders across a wide variety of medicine and health sectors. Our education programmes have always been rooted in our research expertise providing learners with the latest skills and techniques to bring benefits to patients and populations.

In recent years we have worked to open our education offering to a much wider audience in order to improve health training, share our world leading research and build capacity among a wider variety of communities. We are transitioning a number of our successful on-campus programmes to be delivered digitally without compromise of quality.

Open courses

The School of Public Health launched a fully online Global Master of Public Health degree in 2019, converting its successful on-campus programme to increase access to world class public health education to communities across the globe. To help in their aim of increasing access to public health training to those who need it most, the majority of the content from the full degree has been made available as MOOCs via the Coursera learning platform.

The below specialisations can be accessed for free (to access them for free learners must enroll for each course within the specialisation individually and select the audit option):