The membership of our Faculty should reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work.

We remain committed to building on the progress we have made towards gender equality through Athena SWAN as well as being engaged with the Race Equality Charter and the British Medical Association (BMA) Racial harassment charter for medical schools.

These initiatives build a positive culture for research and education that benefits Medicine and better supports our community and our science to thrive.

There are three key approaches we plan to use to improve our diversity and culture that take us towards a fairer, more equitable place to work and study.

  • Innovative recruitment
  • Retention and promotion
  • Diversifying leadership

We are creating resources to help shape how we can all take part in this effort, which will look to make progress at all stages of throughout the career pipeline.

As these resources are developed, we will make them available here.

Innovative recruitment

Our aim is to reimagine how we recruit into the Faculty. We currently have a reasonably diverse student body in some respects, however, as we look along the pipeline from postgraduates, to postdocs to lectures and then into senior positions, our diversity drops sharply.

We are developing a package of resources to support recruitment at any level so we can attract a wider and more diverse pool of applicants.

Retention and promotion

It is crucial that everyone who joins us feels like a valued member of the Faculty, and that everyone has fair and equitable access to the support they need to develop their careers. In this way we can improve the retention of a more diverse student body and staff pool.

We are generating resources and ensure transparent process to this effect.

Diversifying leadership

Currently there is some diversity at junior levels, however, we have very poor diversity at senior and leadership levels.

To address this we will be looking not only at recruitment, retention and promotion, but also at specific programmes to develop leadership skills and provide support to those entering new senior positions.