School of Medicine Board

Dr Amir Sam Professor Amir Sam (chair)
Head of Imperial College School of Medicine
Karim Meeran Professor Karim Meeran
Director of Teaching
Professor Shahid Khan Dr Shahid Khan (Professor of Practice (Haematology))
Director of Admissions, Equality and Diversity
 Mary Morrell Professor Mary Morrell
Director of MBBS Phase One and Head of MBBS Year 2
 Omid Halse Dr Omid Halse
Deputy Director of Phase One and Head of MBBS Year 3
 Alison McGregor Professor Alison McGregor
Director of Undergraduate Science, Director of MBBS Phase Two, and Head of BSc Medical Biosciences
 Ali Dhankot Dr Ali Dhankot
Head of MBBS Year 5
 Niamh Martin Dr Niamh Martin
Director of MBBS Phase 3 and Head of MBBS Year 6
Dr Ravi Parekh Dr Ravi Parekh
Deputy Director of MBBS Phase 3
 Mike Emerson Dr Mike Emerson
Director of Student Tutoring
 Julia Hillier Dr Julia Hillier
Director of Student Support
Ken MacLeod Professor Ken MacLeod
Director of Student Conduct
Dr James Stratford-Martin Dr James Jensen-Martin
Director of Quality and Student Experience
Sue Smith Professor Sue Smith
Director of the Medical Education Research Unit
 Dr Sonia Kumar Dr Sonia Kumar
Director of Undergraduate Primary Care Education
Dr Amar Sharif Dr Amar Sharif
Representative for Directors of Clinical Studies
Chioma Izzi-Engbeaya Dr Chioma Izzi-Engbeaya
Academic Lead for Implementation of the BMA Charter Against Racial Harassment in Medical Schools
Wing May Kong Dr Wing May Kong
Head of Ethics and Law
Vanessa Powell Ms Vanessa Powell
Programme Director (Education)
Gerry Greyling Mr Gerry Greyling
Head of Business and Educational Development
Chris Harris Mr Chris Harris
Head of Programme Management
Trisha Brown Mrs Trisha Brown
Head of the School of Medicine Secretariat
 Lisa Carrier Ms Lisa Carrier
Head of Technology-Enhanced Education
 Muntaha Naeem Mr Muntaha Naeem
ICSMSU President
Ms Nikki Boyd Mrs Nikki Boyd
Educational Development Unit Representative
Undergraduate Medicine Board