Course Director
Professor Kevin Murphy

Course Administrator
Olive Thomas

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Introduction to BSc Endocrinology
BSc Endocrinology Research Projects
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The Endocrine system provides a critical means of communication within the body and maintains a constant internal milieu in the face of an ever-changing external environment. It is thus essential for survival and adaptation throughout life and plays a key role in the balance between health and disease.

This course will comprise three core teaching blocks, a self-directed learning block involving independent and group work, and a 15-week research project. 

The Course Director is Professor Kevin Murphy (k.g.murphy@imperial.ac.uk).

Aims and objectives

  • To encourage and develop the student’s motivation, originality of thought and breadth of vision
  • To provide a supportive learning environment, underpinned by world class research
  • To provide distinctive modules within appropriate areas of endocrinology, drawing on the expertise and strengths of our academic staff
  • To produce graduates well trained in laboratory and research skills
  • To foster the ability to work independently and as part of a group, and to develop presentation skills, both written and oral
  • To provide an insight into the major areas of interest in Endocrinology at both the basic science and clinical levels as well as an understanding of state-of-the-art technology that is used to further research in the field
  • To ensure that students are familiar with the fundamental principles of endocrine communication within the body, the underlying molecular events which support these processes, the pathological states that emerge when these processes malfunction and opportunities for the development of novel therapeutic targets

Further Information and Application Guidance

With the exception of BSc Management and BSc Biomedical Engineering, all of Imperial College's intercalated BSc courses run from September until May. The courses comprise a 12 week teaching block where the students gain specialism-specific knowledge and skills, alongside their research training of core research knowledge and skills. All students also perform a 15 week research project within their specialism.

More information about applying for/undertaking an intercalated BSc course at Imperial College London and also the structure of our courses can be found in the downloadable Imperial College London Intercalated BSc Guide - 2022-23 Entry (PDF).

If you have any queries about the application process, please email the Faculty Education Office (BSc Team) at feo.bsc@imperial.ac.uk.