College committees

New Master's programmes, short courses and major/in-session modifications to existing programmes require approval from one or more of the following College-level committees. Follow the links for information about the committees and their meeting/paper deadline dates.

College committees

Faculty meetings

Faculty meetings

Master's Management Liaison Group (MMLG)

The MMLG is a working group that meets on a monthly basis to discuss a variety of issues relating to operational and quality aspects of Master’s programmes that require cross-Faculty collaboration. Meetings are chaired by the departmental Education Managers on a rolling basis and serviced by Meg Carter. If you have any issues you wish to be raised at an MMLG meeting, please contact your Education Manager.

Meeting dates - For 2021 MMLG will meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

PGT Forum

The PGT Forum is informal discussion and information exchange forum that meets once a term (approximately three times a year) serviced by the Postgraduate Education Administrator. All Faculty of Medicine Master’s programme administrators are invited to attend, as are Education Managers. The Forum is used as an opportunity to share news, share best practice, exchange ideas and as a means of initiating projects/activities that require Faculty-wide cooperation. Meetings are typically scheduled to last two hours, and we try to rotate the meetings around the multiple Imperial campuses. 

Forthcoming meeting dates:

  • Tuesday 9 February 2021
  • Tuesday 11 May 2021


Welcome to BEACON, the biomedical education network. BEACON has its own site for news, shared resources, and discussion, as well as a regular meeting series.

BEACON webpage
(college log-in required)

FoM Staff-Student Liaison Committee (SSLC)

The SSLC provides a Faculty-level forum for communication between postgraduate students (Master’s and PhD), academic staff, Faculty leaders of postgraduate strategy, and Graduate School representatives. This Committee is serviced by the student-facing Postgraduate Education Administrator.

The committee's remit includes:

  • To encourage representation in the postgraduate student community of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • To inform the design of and monitor Faculty of Medicine results of college-wide postgraduate student surveys (including PTES & PRES).
  • To encourage and inform the development of world-leading postgraduate taught curricula and research supervision.
  • To encourage community building for Faculty of Medicine postgraduate students through feedback to the Postgraduate Strategy Committee (PGSC).
  • To encourage and inform development of world-leading professional development programmes relevant to Faculty of Medicine Master’s and PhD students through feedback to Postgraduate Professional Development Committee (PPDC)
  • To ensure feedback about academic and welfare matters is given to the executive committee of the Graduate Students’ Union and the Deputy President (Education, DPE) of Imperial College Union.

Forthcoming meeting dates:

  • PGR - on hold *
  • PGT - Wednesday 3 March and Wednesday 5 May 2021

* During the lockdown in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, monthly 'Meet the Reps' meetings are taking place online between Faculty PGR student reps and Professor Laki Buluwela (Faculty Academic Lead for Doctoral Degrees). This is ongoing indefinitely at present, please contact department PGR student reps or Nathalie Perl if you require any further information.