What can I bring

Arriving to your new home can be fun, but also quite hectic. So you don't lose anything, we advise that you pack your items in boxes and suitcases that are clearly labelled (in English) with your full name, CID number, Hall name, Imperial College and any other details you wish. Do not arrange for anything to be sent ahead of your arrival- for security reasons we cannot accept deliveries pre-arrival, except for packages from UniKitOut (see below).

We strongly encourage everyone to bring only the essential items you need. You can always buy or receive items after you have arrived. 


You can purchase essential items through UniKitOut, a company that specialises in providing competitively priced 'packs' that are tailored to the needs of new students. You can buy bundles for your kitchen, your bedroom and bathroom and have them delivered to your halls before you arrive. Imperial students receive a 10% discount by quoting IMPERIAL10 at the checkout! These are the only packages we are able to accept in advance. 

You will not be able to complete checkout until you have received your hall allocation.

Contents Insurance

We work in partnership with Endsleigh, the UK's No.1 student insurance provider, to protect the contents inside your room.

It is important that all students confirm your cover to ensure you understand what is and isn't covered. Plus you'll also be entered into a prize draw specifically for Imperial College students courtesy of Endsleigh.

Visit confirm your cover to see:

  • What is and isn't covered
  • Review key exclusions - where cover isn't provided
  • Your policy excess - the amount you pay when you make a claim
  • Learn about how to make a claim (if you ever need to)
  • Personalise your cover for valuable items such as laptops, phones and other gadgets

What do I need to bring?

Below is a list of what we provide in halls and what we recommend you will need to bring:

Useful information

What should I bring with me?

Please make sure you only pack what you need to bring as otherwise you will find moving in difficult and you will not have room for everything you bring.

Remember that you can always buy things after you have arrived at the College. You cannot send anything to the halls in advance, except for items from UniKitOut.

Imperial students can receive a discount from UniKitOut a company that specialises in providing packs that are tailored to the needs of new students. You may wish to consider pre-ordering bedding, crockery, cutlery and even some essential electrical items. Quote IMPERIAL10 at the checkout.

Ensure that your boxes are clearly labelled (in English) with your name, hall name, Imperial College etc. Please make sure you only pack what you need to bring as otherwise you will find moving in difficult and you will not have room for everything you bring. 

All study bedrooms are equipped with:

  • a bed
  • a mattress cover
  • study desk
  • chair
  • wardrobe
  • shelving
  • desk lamp
  • desk fan
  • curtains or blinds
  • chest of drawers
  • notice board
  • book shelf
  • laundry basket
  • waste paper bin

What to bring for your bedroom

  • pillows
  • duvet
  • flat sheets as bed sizes vary
  • alarm clock
  • clothes hangers
  • toiletries
  • hairdryer
  • towels
  • toilet roll
  • ethernet cable

All en-suite bathrooms are provided with

  • bathroom bin
  • toilet brush

All kitchens are equipped with

  • cookers/oven
  • hobs
  • toasters
  • kettles
  • microwaves
  • fridges/freezers
  • dish drying racks
  • mop, bucket, dustpan and brush
  • vacuum cleaner (in some halls these may be in a different location)

What to bring for your kitchen

  • cutlery
  • crockery
  • pots and pans (not too many - space is limited!)
  • washing up liquid and sponge
  • tea towels
  • cleaning materials, e.g. wash cloths, mild cleaning detergent

If you are bringing a bicycle we recommend that you secure your bicycle with a D-lock.

What not to bring

Safety regulations, or risk of damage to property, prohibit the use of the following personal equipment within halls:

  • Candles
  • Chip pans
  • Coffee makers (anywhere other than your kitchen)
  • Deep-frying equipment
  • E-Bikes and E-scooters
  • Electrical tools
  • Electronic cigarettes or vaping devices
  • Electric hot pot and hot pans
  • Fridges and/or freezers
  • Hookah and shisha pipes (or similar items)
  • Hot plates
  • Incense sticks
  • Iron or ironing board
  • Kettles (anywhere other than your kitchen)
  • LED strip lights
  • Mini washing machines and mini dishwashers
  • Nightlights/ fairylights
  • Oil burners
  • Plug-in air fresheners
  • Portable barbecues
  • Pressure cookers
  • Pull-up bars
  • Rice cookers (anywhere other than your kitchen)
  • Sandwich toasters

TV - televisions are already provided in most common areas. If you intend to bring your own TV for your room you will need a TV licence - for more info see Do students need a TV Licence?

Other useful information

Pre-arrival administration

We know you're provided with a lot of information on things you have to do before arriving. Here we've compiled a list of some of the essential steps to remember.

Have you: