MBBS/BSc Course - School leavers

MBBS/BSc course Scholarships are open to school-leavers who have accepted a conditional or unconditional offer from the School of Medicine. Awarded for outstanding entrance interview performance/prize essay

  • Fleming/McCowen Scholarship Remission of fees up to £3,375 p.a. for two years (College endowments)
  • 2 Dr Harold Edwards Scholarships £300 p.a. for three years  (St Mary’s Association)
  • McCowen Scholarship £300 p.a. for two years (College Endowments)
  • Palmer Scholarship £300 p.a. for two years (College Endowments)
  • Sancta Maria Lodge Scholarship £500 for one year (St Mary’s Development Trust)

MBBS Course - Graduate entry students

Awarded for for outstanding entrance interview performance/prize essay.

  • 4 Faculty of Medicine Scholarships £1,000 for one year (College endowments)
  • Gail Gardner McNeil Scholarship £1,500 for one year (College endowments)
  • 3 Sir George Pinker Scholarships  £500 pa for four years (St Mary’s Association)


MBBS/BSc Course - Widening participation students

Awarded to students who might otherwise be prevented from studying medicine by financial constraints, for outstanding entrance interview performance/prize essay.

  • William Greville Griffiths Award £500 p.a. for two years (College Endowments)

MBBS Course - Oxford and Cambridge clinical entry students

For direct entrants to Year three of the course. Awarded for outstanding entrance interview performance/prize essay.

  • 2 Dr Cockburn Scholarships £300 p.a. for three years (St Mary’s Association)
  • Harmsworth Scholarship £300 p.a. for three years (College endowments)

Part of the criteria for awarding scholarships to school leavers, Graduate Entry and Oxbridge Direct Entry candidates applying for the MBBS and MBBS/BSc scholarships, involves the submission of an essay. See below for the 2016 Scholarship Guidelines .

Scholarship guidelines

2016 Scholarship guidelines

You have been invited to submit an essay for consideration of the award of a Scholarship at the School of Medicine, Imperial College London. These guidelines are intended to help you with your essay and explain how we assess the work submitted to us:

  • The judges will be drawn from senior members of the School of Medicine’s Admissions team. Two independent judges will read and assess each contribution in each of the three categories of award: (a) first-year entrants, (b) first-year entrants undertaking medicine as a second degree, (c) Oxford and Cambridge clinical entrants.
  • The final decisions on the awards will be made by the Admissions Tutor on the recommendation of the judges. These decisions are final and there is no appeal procedure.
  • Candidates must have firmly accepted a conditional or unconditional offer at the School of Medicine to be eligible for the award of a scholarship. In the case of conditional offers, the conditions must be satisfied in order for essays to remain in contention.
  • Essays must be submitted by 31 July of the year of entry. Whilst the School of Medicine will try to be flexible in cases where students are unable to meet this deadline (if, for instance, abroad) we expect all candidates to do their best to submit their work by this date in the interests of others. The School of Medicine is under no obligation to consider any essay submitted after 31 July.
  • Your essay should meet the 500-word limit ± 10% and you must include a word count at the end. In order to be fair to all scholarship candidates, contributions over 550 words will be eliminated from further consideration.
  • Before writing your essay we suggest you spend some time researching the topic and collecting relevant material.
  • Your essay should be properly referenced where appropriate (e.g. “Brown (1997) stated that….”). Short quotes are acceptable but the origin must be acknowledged.
  • At the end of your essay, you should include a list of references (author, date, title and source). This list is NOT included in your word count.
  • Your essay should be well presented and submitted as an email attachment to It should have a title page including the essay title, your name, date (month/year) and category of scholarship (see paragraph one above). The title page is NOT included in your word count.
  • You must include a written confirmation that the entire essay is your own work. You should note that plagiarism software may be used when assessing essays submitted for consideration for a scholarship.
  • We will send you an email to acknowledge receipt of your essay.
  • In arriving at their decisions the judges will consider originality of thought or argument, use of logical argument, evidence of careful consideration of research material, clarity of expression, correct use of English, correct spelling, and presentation.We look forward to reading your essay

We look forward to reading your essay.