Teams will be used to help deliver online teaching at Imperial. Visit the ICT web page for Microsoft Teams and watch the video below for a short introduction to Teams.  

What is Microsoft Teams?

Download Teams 

The desktop application provides a better Teams experience than accessing it directly through your browser. You can download the Teams application for your desktop or mobile. Find out how to download Teams

Access Teams module  

Students will have access to Teams site for all their Modules that have opted in to use Teams.  

For an overview of all your Teams modules, click on the Teams icon in the left-hand menu when you log into Teams.   

If there are any Teams sites that you feel you are missing, please contact your Departmental office.  

Configure your notifications  

You can disable or change Teams notifications in your settings, which you can access in the top right corner of the application by clicking on your profile picture and choosing Settings, then Notifications. It may be preferable to ‘only show in feed’ for most types of notification. 

‘Chat messages’ under ‘Messages’ needs to be set to ‘Off’ to ensure notification boxes stop appearing in the bottom right hand corner of your screen every time someone sends you a message.