The Faculty of Medicine launched a new departmental structure from 1 August 2019.  The new departmental structure has been created by the Dean of the Faculty (Professor Jonathan Weber) to enable individual departments to better develop and promote their unique strengths and to ensure effective, clear and consistent approaches to supporting activity and collaboration across the Faculty.

Through the new departmental structure the Faculty will work to: widen academic engagement in the running of the Faculty; deliver strategic development in key areas of our science; drive forward on the opportunities which exist across Imperial for health-related science and translational collaboration; provide greater support for development of new opportunities in research and education; develop recognition, support and development opportunities throughout the organisation.

Since August 2019 the Faculty has comprised eight academic departments, and the former Department of Medicine ceased to exist.   The figure below provides a high level overview of the transition from the prior structure to the current departmental structure

Figure shows in summary how groups from current Department of Medicine will form four new departments.  Also shows how some groups from Department of Surgery and Cancer will join the new Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction