If you have just joined the College, below is a checklist of things you should do straight away  to ensure you are set up to get the best out of your PWP and the Symplectic Elements and Spiral systems.    (NB - if you are not new, but haven't yet set these things up, it's never too late to start....)

1. Find your Professional Web Page (PWP)

Learn how to find your PWP, edit the free text areas and customise the data it displays from College applications.  Unless you have a reason to want to keep your profile hidden, make it public.

More info: Professional Web Pages (PWPs)

2. Get to know the Symplectic Elements system

Set up your profile, add (or import) relevant data about your work into the system and set your search criteria.

More info:
Symplectic Elements

3. Find out about your ORCID identifier 

An ORCID id is a unique identifier which can be added to your research outputs to ensure your work is easily distinguished from that of other researchers. A number of research funders now require applicants to have an ORCID id.

Link your ORCID id to Symplectic Elements as soon as possible.  If you don’t have an ORCID id, set one up now!

More info: 

4. Read up on Open Access (OA) and Researchfish requirements.

Imperial, HEFCE and many key research funders have strict OA requirements which, if not adhered to, could have serious consequences for individual researchers and the institution.  In addition, many external funders now require regular updating of the external ‘Researchfish’ system to report on outcomes from funding provided.  There is a lot of support for staff at the College to help them with complying with their OA and Researchfish responsibilities. Your Symplectic Elements account and the Spiral repository are part of that support. Through Symplectic, you can:  apply for funds to make publications open access; deposit publications in the Spiral Institutional Repository; export publications data for upload to ResearchFish.  Read up on the requirements, and get to know the resources available to you at the College. 

More info: Open access
More info: Spiral
More info:
The Researchfish system