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The Scholarships and Studentships Steering Committee (SSSC) was established in September 2020 to lead on the development of a Scholarships Strategy that is aligned with the College’s academic missions and emerging priorities. 

Through its broad membership, the SSSC will liaise with Departments; Registry; Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions; Outreach; the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre; Advancement and the International Relations Office to help inform the Scholarships Strategy. 

The SSSC meets termly and reports to the President’s Board, and membership is drawn from across the College. 

Two sub-groups sit within the SSSC structure:  

  • The Targeted Scholarships Sub-Group, tasked with making recommendations on scholarship packages for target groups which share one or more protected characteristics.

  • The International Scholarships Sub-Group, which provides strategic recommendations on international scholarships and will seek to support the SSSC by assessing and considering international scholarship opportunities and develop proposals for new opportunities. 

Information about the SSSC

Latest news

15 March 2022

A new scholarship fund, currently totalling close to £250,000, will support students from displaced communities such as asylum seekers and refugees.

The donor-backed Sanctuary Scholarship Fund will provide scholarships at both undergraduate and master’s level. Imperial is matching donations received for the fund, aiming to award the first scholarships as early as the 2022/23 academic year. The fund currently stands at close to £250,000 of donations and Imperial funding.

Read more about the Fund.  

 13 October 2021 

Following a period of consultation, the President's Board has approved funding for a new set of undergraduate, MSc and MRes scholarships for Black-heritage students.     

The Presidential Scholarships for Black Students, which will be open to students applying for autumn 2022 entry and onwards, offer one scholarship per faculty per year over the next five years.   

The approved funding also extends to increased funds for UROP opportunities for Black students, as well as a mentoring/buddying scheme for new Black scholars.   

The new scholarships are the start of a journey for Imperial on increasing the number of Black students at all levels. A new cohort programme for prospective students is now open for applications, and more initiatives will follow in the coming months. 

The Board also agreed on additional funding for international students, with £204,000 per year for five years to be invested into scholarship schemes from international agencies that require College top-up funding. 

Current membership

The current membership of the Scholarships and Studentships Steering Committee is as follows:

  • Maggie Dallman, Vice-President (International) and Associate Provost (Academic Partnerships), Co-Chair  
  • Peter Haynes, Interim Vice-Provost (Education), Co-Chair  
  • Grainne Brankin, College Secretary
  • Michael Murphy, Vice-President (Advancement)  
  • Mary Reynolds, Director of Development (Advancement) 
  • Andrew Tebbutt, Director of Outreach 
  • Riccardo Feasey, Senior Governance Manager
  • Pramod PuthumanapullyHead of Strategic Projects (Advancement) 
  • Kathryn Clark, EA to the VP (Advancement) 
  • Malcolm Edwards, Director of Strategic Planning 
  • Tony Lawrence, Director of Financial Management 
  • Mary Ryan, Vice-Provost (Research & Enterprise)
  • Paul French, Vice Dean for Research (FoNS) 
  • Martin Lupton, Vice Dean for Education (FoM) 
  • Joel McConnellExecutive Director of Marketing, Recruitment & Admissions (ICBS)  
  • David AshtonAcademic Registrar 
  • Clare TurnerSenior International Relations Officer 
  • Stephen CurryAssistant Provost for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Hayley Wong, Imperial College Student Union President
  • David LabonteDepartment representative selected by the Co-Chairs 
  • Professor Yun XuDirector of the Graduate School 
  • Lizzie Burrows, Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions 
  • Jesse AlterRepresentative from the Communications Division 

Terms of reference

The purpose of the Scholarships and Studentships Steering Committee is:  

  • To develop a Scholarships Strategy that is aligned with the College’s academic mission and emerging priorities, for approval by the President’s Board.  

  • To consider relative priorities in the College’s scholarships provision (including, but not limited to: level of study, financial need, and targeted scholarships).  

  • To monitor the effectiveness of scholarships activity at the College and to promote best practice across College.  

  • To consider and recommend how the Scholarships Search Tool may be developed and improved.  

  • To keep under review the level of resources in the College available for scholarships-related activity.  

  • To provide strategic guidance regarding fundraising priorities for scholarships and studentships.  

  • To receive and consider regular reports from Departments; Registry; Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions; Outreach; Advancement and the International Relations Office, to help inform Scholarships Strategy.  

  • To review its membership and terms of reference annually.  

The Scholarships and Studentships Steering Committee reports to the University Management Board.  

Major regulatory or policy decisions identified by the Committee will be recommended for discussion or approval to the University Management Board, or any other senior management boards as recommended by the President.