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Endowed gifts ensure your generosity continues to make a difference for generations to come

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Giving at ImperialEndowment Brochure [PDF]

A university’s endowment is its foundation for excellence in teaching and research. It provides the essential resources to propel new discoveries and innovations. At Imperial College London we manage our Endowment to enable us to be bold in our ambitions, visionary in our thinking and strategic in our planning as we support the most talented students and researchers who pursue excellence innovation for the benefit of society.

Philanthropists wishing to support Imperial can choose to endow their gift, where the original gift (the ‘principal’) is invested to generate a return that can be used for designated philanthropic purposes, as specified by a donor. The special value of an endowed gift is in its longevity. With effective management, an endowed gift lasts in perpetuity, the principal growing over the years so that it – and the return it pays out – not only retain their value in real terms, but can also increase in excess of inflation

There is a wide range of philanthropic purposes that an endowed gift can support at Imperial, including academic posts, scholarships and bursaries, and research programmes. It is also possible to make an unrestricted gift, which can be allocated at the discretion of the President according to ‘where the need is greatest’.

To learn more about endowment giving at Imperial, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7594 9330 or email