Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

We are committed to nurturing a culture of compassion and care

Mental health is everyone’s business at Imperial. This new strategy sets out how we will ensure our students and staff get the support and advice they need, when they need it. Professor Hugh Brady President of Imperial College London

We know that good mental health and wellbeing are essential for the learning, work and lives of our students and staff.

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy outlines our goals for creating an inclusive, respectful and compassionate environment that supports our students and staff in their work and study.

Our priorities are to:

 - build and maintain an inclusive, compassionate Imperial community that enables everyone’s voice and needs to be heard and respected

 - build and maintain a supportive community where colleagues, supervisors and managers are knowledgeable and have the relevant training to promote mental wellness and prevent factors in the workplace that can trigger mental ill health

 - promote a safe environment that boosts wellbeing, innovation, creativity and productivity

By working together, we can create a mentally healthy environment where everyone can reach their full potential.

If you are struggling with your mental health, please know that you are not alone and that there is help available:

Hear from our mental health and wellbeing community

Aglaia Freccero
Mental Health Officer, Imperial College Union

“A whole-institutional approach to mental health will ensure collaboration between students and staff to make mental health everyone’s priority.”

Claire Fox
Head of Student Counselling & Mental Health Advice Service

“I am passionate about fostering a compassionate culture where mental health and wellness is a collective responsibility, and we all normalise that conversation.”

Daniela Bultoc
Senior Organisational Development Consultant for the Faculty of Medicine and Staff Wellbeing Strategic Lead

"I see this strategy as being at the heart of shaping and further developing our organisational culture and values.”

Lindsay Dewa
Advanced Research Fellow in Mental Health

“I really hope that this is the start of shaping a new culture and attitude across the University, that everyone has mental health – it’s universal.”

William Hollyer
Head of Sport and Physical Wellbeing

“We are always open to new ideas and I’m a passionate advocate of the powerful effect being active can have on your physical and mental health."