Student working in their room

Explore below some of the courses you will be able to take as part of your deferral package. All content will be delivered remotely, and the majority of it will be asynchronous. This means that you can complete it in your own time rather than having to set aside specific hours. The exception to this is the Creative Thinking course which will run in 2021 and will be delivered live by an Imperial lecturer.

The content is designed to give you a chance to cement your knowledge during the year ahead before starting at Imperial in Autumn 20201. Do not feel any pressure to complete all the courses. Choose what interests you and if you decide to not engage with any of the courses, that is absolutely fine. Your departments will not see how much time you spend on the courses or which ones you complete.

You will be able to access the courses via a Microsoft Teams space set up for your cohort or by following the links for each course below. You should have activated your College ICT account before logging in to Teams. If you are not familiar with using Teams, some useful tips and links can be found on the Student Success Guide.