What is this course about?

Accounting is often described as being the language of business and is divided into two areas: financial accounting (preparing financial information to users external to the organisation) and management accounting (preparing financial information for users within the organisation). This course looks at both of these areas.

You will look at the three major accounting statements: the balance sheet or statement of financial position, the income statement and the cashflow statement. Being able to prepare and read these statements is vital in assessing an individual or an organisation.

Accounting also measures other types of performance such as the ability to innovate, and how an organisation makes long-term investment decisions such as an investment in a new factory.

This course is designed to be really interactive, helping you understand the key learning objectives on each page. You will find a variety of activities, readings and video presentation slides, so that you feel engaged with the material and can understand the concept as quickly as possible.

What are the learning outcomes?

You will develop your understanding of the basic financial statements including the balance sheet, the income statement and the cash flow statement. You will learn about the basic pro-forma of these statements, how they are prepared, and their limitations. This knowledge will be useful for you to be able to interpret and analyse information to support good decision-making

Who is this course aimed at?

This module is not specific to any undergraduate degree, but is targeted at anyone who has an interest in Business or applying their STEM knowledge outside academia.

How will this course be delivered?

This is an asynchronous module and will be delivered online, via the EdX Edge platform. nstructions on how to access the course can be found in the links to courses tab of your Microsoft Teams space.

How much time will the course take up?

A total of approximately 16 hours to be distributed in time according to your own preference.