Our Split PhD scheme allows you to carry out some of your research abroad, either in the field or at an overseas institution.

Arrangements are normally confined to institutions with which Imperial has established links and in cases where the research problem requires local fieldwork, for example, the study of a particular aspect of geology or biology.

Attendance requirement

Students on the Split PhD scheme are required to be in physical attendance at Imperial for a minimum of 12 months out of the normal 36 months duration of a PhD programme.

Please be aware that not all Imperial departments will accept Split PhD applications so we advise you to first discuss this with the Imperial department of interest at the admissions stage.

How to apply

If the department is open to a Split PhD proposal, you should submit a covering note with your application explaining the benefits of pursuing part of your proposed research project beyond Imperial.

You will also need to provide a copy of the CV of the supervisor who will oversee your work undertaken outside of Imperial.

If your Split PhD proposal is approved, the department will advise you of the next steps to progress your application.