Our accommodation caters to all tastes and budgets

Your new home away from home

Our residences vary in their location and character and each has its own individual atmosphere and social life. 

If you choose to live in private housing, our Student Accommodation Office are on hand to support you with this.


Accommodation guarantee

We guarantee a place in Imperial accommodation to all first year undergraduates as long as you meet our terms and conditions.

All inclusive rent

Your rent will include utility bills, internet access, basic contents insurance, maintenance, communal cleaning and a contribution towards your halls activity fund.

Living at home

You may consider living at home and travelling into university. Many local Imperial students already do this to cut down on living costs. Rest assured, there are plenty of opportunities to make sure that you feel part of the Imperial community from day one: 

Living at home

During your first few weeks at Imperial, there are loads of activities you can join, so you can meet new friends and feel part of the Imperial community. Fairs, quizzes, bar nights, bandaoke, talks – there’s something for everyone. 

The Students’ Union is a community of all our students working to achieve the best experience for every student. Every one of the Union’s members is able to lead, create and influence change in every one of our activities, campaigns and services. 

Getting involved in student activities is a great way to meet new people. There are over 370 clubs, societies and projects which are all student-led and student-run. This is one of largest varieties of student led activities at a University in the UK. 

You’re guaranteed to find a group that shares your interests, and if not, create your own! 

Being from London, I liked the idea of staying at home compared to student accommodation, as it made sense financially. But I've still been able to feel part of the Imperial community - I've got to know my peers during lectures, tutorials and catching up over lunch. Not only that, but I've met other students by joining societies. Juproop Chemical Engineering undergraduate

Key dates

Late May If Imperial is your firm choice, this is when you can apply for accommodation.

19 July – If you put Imperial as a firm choice, we offer a guaranteed place in our accommodation, providing you submit your accommodation application by Friday 19 July 2024, meet the conditions, and hold an unconditional offer by Friday 23 August 2024

Late July – If Imperial is your insurance choice, you’ll be invited to apply for accommodation.

Early September We start allocating rooms based on your application preferences. Everybody is allocated a room within their preferred budget, and for around 90-95% of applicants that means a room matching one of their preferences.

We’ll email you to tell you which hall you’ve been assigned (you can accept or decline).

Late September  Get ready to move-in! 

It’s time to get those boxes ready for moving day. Current students will be on hand to help you settle in.

Independent living

Undergraduate accommodation

Living in halls is a way to dive into a new, independent way of living.

We have a wide range of undergraduate accommodation which caters to different tastes and budgets across London. Our halls vary in their location and character and each has its own individual atmosphere and social life.

Join undergraduates Freddie and Fatiha as they show you around their rooms in Beit and Kemp Porter Halls. You can watch their room tours below:

Beit room tour
Kemp Porter room tour