All you need to know about funding your studies and the costs you need to factor into your budgeting

Paying your deposit

When you accept your offer, you'll need to pay a deposit to reserve your place. The deposit is 10% of your first year fee. 

We'll usually send an invoice for payment by email within ten working days after you accept your offer. You'll need to pay the deposit within 30 days of receiving your invoice.

Read more about paying your deposit

Funding your studies

There’s a range of financial support on offer to help you fund your studies while at Imperial.

Below you will find more information about our wide range of scholarships and financial support that is available to students from all background and fee status.

Living costs

We know it's essential to consider living costs in your decision making process.

On our living costs page you will find an approximate breakdown of expenses for a comfortable lifestyle in London, covering essentials like housing, meals, and transportation. 

Please note that this doesn't account for tuition fees or study materials, which you should include when planning your budget.

You'll also find some helpful resources on budgeting and how to access student discounts.