Types of international agencies

There are a few agencies which act as impartial providers of free information about education in the UK. These are usually government-funded and may help students with the application process in general terms, for example, The British Council.

On the other hand, there are many agencies around the world which make their money by making the connection between a potential student and a university course. In most cases, the agents make their money because they have a formal agreement with the university whose courses they promote. They typically receive a commission from the university for every student who joins the course. Others charge the students a fee for helping them with their application.

Imperial College London's policy on working with agents

Imperial College London does not have any signed agreements with any agents or counsellors anywhere in the world. We will not pay anyone commission for sending us a student, nor endorse the services they provide.

We unequivocally disapprove of (and reserve the right to take legal action against) agents who do any of the following:

  • Claim to be operating on our behalf.
  • Claim a 'special relationship' with us.
  • Charge students for an application on the grounds that the student will have a better chance of getting into Imperial College London through them than if the student had applied directly themselves.

If you are a counsellor or advisor, we are happy to provide you with information and guidance about the College and our application process.

For accurate and up to date information about Imperial College London, please contact the International Recruitment Team.